Eco-Friendly Bamboo Detangling Hair Brush


Worry knot! This brush is here to keep your dazzling hair healthy, full, and tangle-free.

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Made from natural bamboo and non-toxic materials, the eco-friendly, ergonomic design is built to last and works on all hair types. Enjoy years’ worth of effortless knot removal that protects hair from breakage and boosts shine.


The body of the brush and the bristles are both made of bamboo.


How to use:
Starting at the ends of your hair, use short strokes to free tangles and work upwards toward the scalp. After removing all knots, you can use long, slow strokes from the roots to the tips to evenly distribute your body’s natural oils across the full length of your beautiful tresses. Use on wet, semi-wet, or dry hair.

Although this brush can get wet, we do not recommend leaving it immersed in water or any liquids for prolonged periods of time.


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