Signature 21 Pre-Wash Hair Oil Starter Pack


Our Signature 21 pre-wash oil starter pack gives you all the essentials needed to keep your hair healthy and looking great. Each product complements the other in pampering your scalp and hair.  Enjoy this pack at a discounted price.

Net wt.: 120ml bottle

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Our oil starter pack consists of one of our oil bottles, our head wrap, scalp massaging brush, and our detangling brush. This will give you the tools to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. Choose from one of our three oils and one of our four colors of the head wrap. This pack is discounted.


Sweet Almond Oil (cold pressed), Coconut Oil (fractionated, cold pressed), Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Oil ( refined, cold pressed), Kukui Nut Oil (cold pressed), Rice Bran Oil (cold pressed), Olive Oil, Onion Seed Oil, Clear Jojoba Oil (refined, cold pressed), Argan Oil (cold pressed), Hemp Seed Oil (unrefined, cold pressed), Neem Oil (unrefined, cold pressed), Avocado Oil (cold pressed), Grapeseed Oil (cold pressed), Jamaican Black Castor Oil (cold pressed), Vitamin E Oil, Flaxseed Oil (cold pressed), Sesame Oil (unrefined, cold pressed), Marula Oil (cold pressed), Fenugreek Oil, Rosehip Oil (cold pressed), Saffron Flakes


Head Wrap Towel
80% polyester, 20% polyemide

Scalp Massaging Brush
The brush is made of cherry wood and the teeth of the brush are made of silica gel.

Detangling Hair Brush
The body of the brush and the bristles are both made of bamboo.


Signature 21 Pre-Wash Hair Oil:
How to Apply

  1. Part dry, unwashed hair in the center. Then, pour two quarter size into your palm.
  2. Apply evenly to the scalp by rubbing it in through circular motions with your hands and fingers.
  3. Work your way from roots to tips.
  4. Let oil set for one hour.  You may use one of our plush head wrap towels to cover it during this time, for added enjoyment and advanced activation.
  5. Wash hair like you normally would with Drop’s luxurious shampoo and conditioner bars.
  6. Always store at room temperature.

Alternative option: Leave the oil in your hair overnight, cover it with a head wrap, and shampoo in the morning.

Head Wrap Towel:
1. Flip your head over and let your gorgeous, wet tresses hang down.
2. Place the wrap on the back of your head, keeping the button at the nape of your neck.
3. Tuck your hair inside the wrap and twist it until it fits snugly around your head.
4. Bring the twist over your head or to one side and secure in place by fastening the loop around the button at the nape of your neck.
5. Leave the wrap in place for some time to soak up moisture.
6. See instructions in diagram in above picture.

The longer you leave it on, the more it will absorb.

Washing Instructions: Wash by hand or machine in cold water. Air dry or tumble dry on low heat.

Scalp Massaging Brush:
How to use
After brushing out any tangles or knots in your lovely locks, brush from the roots to tips in long strokes. Go slowly in circular motions over your scalp and enjoy the massage. This brush can be used on wet semi-wet, or dry hair.

Although this brush can get wet, we do not recommend leaving it immersed in water or any liquids for prolonged periods of time.

Eco-Friendly Bamboo Detangling Hair Brush:
How to use
Starting at the ends of your hair, use short strokes to free tangles and work upwards toward the scalp. After removing all knots, you can use long, slow strokes from the roots to the tips to evenly distribute your body’s natural oils across the full length of your beautiful tresses. Use on wet, semi-wet, or dry hair.

Although this brush can get wet, we do not recommend leaving it immersed in water or any liquids for prolonged periods of time.


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