Eco Friendly all Natural Soap Saver


Our 100% natural fiber soap saver pouches keep your favorite Drop soaps and shampoo and conditioner bars fresh, clean, and slime-free.

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Not only does the pouch extend the product’s shelf life, it also doubles as a loofa for luxurious exfoliation days. The rich lather flows right through the weave to clean, illuminate, and nourish your beautiful skin. They’re perfect for keeping all those last little bits of soaps and bars in one convenient location, too! Maintenance is simple: just hang it up after each use.


100% cotton sisal. Sisal is environmentally friendly because it is
made from sustainable materials.


Soap Savers are great to prolong the life of your soap and shampoo/conditioner bars and also to use as an exfoliating loofa on your hair, face, and body. After each use rinse and hang up to dry. Leave Soap or Shampoo/Conditioner bar in pouch after use.


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